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Stairway to Heaven Video Vignettes with Gwilda Wiyaka. Click on the Episode that you would like to watch :


Episode 1 - Turning Up The Fire

The Stairway to Heaven, bringing insights into the ever-changing, high frequency currents now bathing the planet and affecting us all. The source of vital information for the evolving human being. Turning Up the Fire. In this the first episode we’ll be looking at the cause of the increasing frequency on our planet and how it’s affecting us all.


Episode 2 - Ascension

We’re currently moving into a more highly charged area of the galaxy and the ambient frequency of our planet is rapidly rising. This gives us the dubious privilege of ascending the frequency scale while taking our physical bodies with us. “Ascension” covers the challenges of this process and what we can expect on the other side.


Episode 3 - The Evolving Brain

During these times of rising frequency, the human brain is actually changing. There is much reference to neuroplasticity. Some believe we are undergoing an evolution as monumental as our transition from a single to a double lobed brain.  “The Evolving Brain” addresses the neurological changes we are undergoing as a result of the rapidly rising ambient frequency and what we can expect from the process.'


Episode 4 - The Great Divide

Historically, as we have left the higher frequency ages, there came a point when we could no longer connect with all levels of ourselves, each other or all that is. We’re now entering Aquarius, a high frequency age. In so doing, the process is reversed. Unity is supported and we are waking up to our interconnectedness.  “The Great Divide” outlines the process of waking up and what we can expect to experience as we do.


Episode 5 - The Evil Fomorians

It’s easy to idly wish and dream for things not recognizing our personal power engages at the quantum level to build an energetic matrix around which our wishes and dreams can start to manifest. Yet when we decide to give up on a project we never dissolve the old structure, leaving part of our personal power bound in an abandon matrix. In this episode of Stairway to heaven we will examine the conscious management of personal power and its relationship to manifestation.


Episode 6 - Embracing the Shadow

Unearthing the gifts and power hidden within our denied self. Only the laws of nature can accurately discern what is appropriate and when. As we align ourselves with these laws and follow our promptings without judgement, all of our acts can come from a balanced place. Nothing is consistently good or bad. When we judge something as always bad, we have greatly restricted our mobility and spontaneous expression. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will explore judgement, denial, our shadow and the personal power locked therein.


Episode 7 - Sugar in the Gas Tank

Reducing physical resistance to frequency in order to evolve. To embrace evolution, we’re challenged with clearing our system of restrictions in order to channel the higher frequencies. Refinement must take place on all four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. During this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will touch on physical restrictions and some ways to minimize them.


Episode 8 - How Do You Really Feel?

Emotional Processing Is Paramount In Evolution - Life by its very nature is in constant motion and process. Shutting down any natural process has negative ramifications and limits our mobility and therefore our evolution. Having judged against emotions, we stuff them until we either flat line or become volatile. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven We will explore responsible ways to clear emotions without dumping them on others or internalizing them to our personal detriment.


Episode 9 - Sacred Ground

Earth Connection As A Benediction - The sun is now in a very high frequency portion of the galaxy. This increase of frequency is broadcast through the sun’s heliosphere and bathing interplanetary space. It’s drawn into the earth’s core through her electromagnetic field and radiates to her surface.  Through ceremony and earth connection, we can embrace and embody the rising frequency. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will share some simple practices that can facilitate this progress.


Episode 10 - Grace: The Great Transformer

The Miracle of Gratitude - Gratitude brings grace. It is the great transformer. All the events of our lives are designed to visit all four directions of the medicine wheel: Sow, grow, harvest and gratefulness. This is the key to processing and renewal. When we lack gratitude we never receive anything and always seek more.


Episode 11 - The Land of Spirit

There are four major levels to human existence. All express according to frequency: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Every culture, as far back as there are records, have a reference to the invisible, yet powerful realm, known as the land of spirit. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven we will discuss the nature of the land of spirit and its impertinence in our evolutionary process.


Episode 12 - The Identity Trap – Who Are You – Really

The Freedom to Express the Truth of Your Nature - Modern culture is so identified with one’s occupation and station in life, true expression of the individual is often lost. Now with everything changing so rapidly, these very identities become a trap, restricting our mobility, world view, and ability to adapt to change. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will explore ways to relinquish identity in order to live from our true essence.


Episode 13 - The Magic of Archetypes

The Art of Frequency Mastery - While in modern times, archetypes are seen as deities or false gods, worshiped by primitive, superstitious people, they were originally metaphorical representations of particular bandwidths of frequency. Through the use of archetypes, frequency mastery was obtained, enabling the practitioner to manage matter at the quantum level. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will unravel the mystery of archetypes and their modern day application.